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Auditing and Monitoring Services

“We take the strain while you get on with your business”

A great deal of time will have been devoted to ensuring your service contracts and specifications are in place.

There is also a requirement to regularly monitor the delivery of the service to measure and assess the performance of the provider (“in-house” or “contracted out”) in terms of the contract and financial compliance and to provide the foundation for the future development of the services to ensure that all parties continue to receive a value for money from a developing and innovative service.

Whatever the service Sanchard can provide an independent assessment of the provision of those services typically looking at:

  • Service levels
  • Equipment and facilities including equipment assessment/dilap reports
  • Staffing - structure/levels, training, control
  • Procurement/Purchasing/pricing audits
  • Management control procedures
  • Legislative compliance
  • Specification compliance

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